doorjamb (plural doorjambs) Either of the upright posts on either side of a door, which together support a lintel. doorframe; Translations To properly fit an interior door in your home, the door jamb must match the thickness of the finished wall or be slightly deeper than the wall. We strive to be an … Another view. I drilled new holes for the long finishing nails. The object may … door jamb Übersetzung, Franzosisch - Deutsch Wörterbuch, Siehe auch 'do',doctorat',doctoral',don Juan', biespiele, konjugation What does doorjamb mean? Jamb definition: A jamb is a post that forms the side part or upright of a door frame or window frame. translation and definition "door jamb", English-French Dictionary online. If the intended location for the door is open and exposed, you will find it easier to install a pre-hung door because it comes nearly complete, with its own frame. Copy to clipboard; Details / edit; TraverseGPAware. Architrave Door Jamb Control-Narrow (GRX-4S-DN) Mounts directly in door jamb. Exterior door units also include casing, brick molding, astragal and weather strips and is pre-hung. jamb - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. He collided with the door-jamb, and, ere Jerry could follow him, whirled around in a part circle into the centre of the floor just in time to receive the next shell squarely upon his head.. CHAPTER XIX. In this case, a door jamb has been joined to a window/sidelight jamb. dormer: A converted attic with windows projecting through a sloping roof. Would you like to know how to translate door jamb to other languages? Only exterior doors (those that lead to the outdoors or garages) have sills. translation and definition "jamb", Dictionary English-English online. (architecture, interior decorating, finish carpentry) The vertical components that form the sides of a door frame, window frame, or fireplace, or other opening in a wall. Either of the two vertical pieces framing a doorway and supporting the lintel. La présente invention concerne un protège-doigts pour jambage de porte. This is the British English definition of jamb.View American English definition of jamb.. Change your … Meaning of door jamb. Oxford Collocations Dictionary Jamb is used after these nouns: door; See full entry. All Free. door jamb . door jamb (interior): The surrounding case into and out of which a door closes and opens, consisting of two upright pieces, called side jambs, and a horizontal head jamb. Door opens and closes into this jamb. Sill Sills are the bottom component of a door frame. I had to put shims behind the treated jamb board, to keep it flush with the original jamb.. Push in on the jamb liner while you pull out on the top corner of the sash. There are obvious things, like how many miles on the odometer, and the number of service station stickers on the door-jamb and their mileage.. How to Sell Anything to Anybody Definition of JAMB (noun): upright side of a door or window. ASK THE EDITOR What is the meaning of this sentence: "You had better take your umbrella; it looks like rain." Word Origin Middle English: from Old French jambe ‘leg, vertical support’, based on Greek kampē ‘joint’. door jamb definition in English dictionary, door jamb meaning, synonyms, see also 'door furniture',door to door',automatic door',back door'. Definition and synonyms of jamb from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.. ~ - Wood casing surrounding a door. The high definition laser press technology we use allows us to fabricate a more realistic wood grain on our door slabs compared to a traditional roller. A composite door jamb begins with a diligent and technologically advanced production process. Sill: This is the horizontal component that … Look it up now! An extension jamb is attached to the inside of a door to ensure it fits into the wall. What does door jamb mean? Understand door jamb meaning and enrich your vocabulary The b has fallen away, although the latter word owes its existence to the former." Door jambs are usually installed by cutting two identical pieces of the door frame, leaving room for the thickness of the header that’ll be placed above. If an extension jamb is attached to the same side as the hinges, it can be next to impossible to fully open the door.