FDIGBR fault diagnostics, channel b, right engine FMS fault management system HC hazardous code ISOL isolation QSR qualified status report TAS true airspeed BLK black VFR visual flight rules OTIXS officer in tactical command ixs EAI engine air inlet CSC computer sciences corporation ECM: Electronic Content Management & Enterprise Content Management “Enterprise” ECM and “electronic” ECM are both established abbreviations in the industry. MML master materials list TMT trainer management team GOMM general organizational maintenance manuals G/S ground speed SLN sequence line number MOST mission oriented system tape CA gun cruiser by AcronymAndSlang.com Q: A: CICA competition in contracting act H/W hardware CAD computer aided design DEP draft equipment publication PACL power assurance check left OPI optional procedure indicator WBS work breakdown structure (mil-std 881) MUX multiplex MBTUMA mean time between unscheduled maintenance actions ISLN isolation QUICKSTRIKE mine ILSM integrated logistics support manager LK CPLG locked and coupled PMA permanent magnet alternator FMEA failure mode and effects analysis TM technical manual NWSA nose wheel steering actuator, O&M operations and maintenance What does ECM mean? KOPS thousands of operations per second DELT delta TDD temporary design departure TUNA tunable attribute display sub-system What does E-CM stand for? RTR receiver-transmitter V/STOL vertical/short takeoff and landing ACC american communications corp PO ambient pressure PQAP planned quality assurance program CGM computer graphics metafile PRR pilot record request SEU system electronics unit SCP single card processor BFTTEX battle force tactical training exercise MTBERA mean time between essential replacement action YFB ferry boat or launch (self-propelled)(misc) CAL confined area landing AMRAAM advanced medium range air-to-air missile CDT compressor discharge temperature BSWS boeing software standard ACALS army computer-aided acquistion & logistics support MSEC millisecond ANDVT advanced narrowband digital voice terminal CPT control position transducer GCA ground control approach NTDS navy tactical data system EMER emergency WSPD weapon system planning document CALT control altitude NAVCIPS navy standard civilian pay system RAD1 radio 1 APB self-propelled barracks ship (misc) RDR CTRL radar control AAA anti-aircraft artillery FARECONRON fleet air reconnaissance squadron NORPAX north pacific experiement SSWG system safety working group PO project officer BFTT battle force tactical training SAR safety action record CQI continuous quality improvement NITRAS navy integrated training resources and administration system WID width ADA name (not acronym) of high level computer programming language FACTS flip augment cobra tow sight FSS fin stabilizer system (ffg-7) RNTDS restructured navy tactical data system CRES corrosion resistant steel TCR task change request (ntec-3930/25) HMPC hazardous maintenance procedures code ICASMA defense contracts administration systems agency TCB target control system bulletin (tdc 78) SQPP software quality program plan VLAD vertical line array difar BIS built-in simulation VRR voice recognition response PGTS precision gunnery training system CPLT copilot ICC instructor control console FLR field level repairable RNVC reference number variation code CHURCH-EYE over-the-horizon radar PP point to point RRR requirements rational report SSPM software standards and procedures manual ALPS automated library publishing system AFDB large auxiliary floating dry dock (non self-propelled) pleadings pack : 2009 index : pleadings : 2009. annexure: pleadings. CPL crash position locator LOIL oil level RDY ready OSD office of the secretary of defense SVIP secure voice improvement program SSI structural significant item CCTV closed circuit television VSLED vibration structural life and engine diagnostics SOF special operation forces SADR selective address ILS instrument landing system VOR/ILS/MB vhf omni range/instrument landing system/marker beacon B/F blade fold PDM program objectives memorandum DCT damage control tpnr (trident-21c11) RC recoverability code SCCB software change control board CAGE commercial and government entity (formerly -fscm) DS defense system ISIP immediate superior in command VOC volts open circuit MSL mission simulation CESM cryptologic electronic warfare support measures TPECP trainer peculiar engineering change proposal This page is all about the meaning, abbreviation and acronym of ECM explaining the definition or meaning and giving useful information of similar terms. CSS contractor support services RFP request for proposal MCOR marine corps GKS graphical kernal system RCM reliability centered maintenance ICS intercommunication control system STIM stimulation ACMS air combat maneuvering system COMSEC communication secure LANTIRN low altitude navigation and targeting infrared for night LO low ECA electronic component assembly EELS emergency escape lighting system GS ground speed VTXTS undergraduate jet flight training program sys RSR repair survival rate SCTR sector UI user interface AFS combat store ship (underway replenishment) DOEM department of engineering memorandum TR transformer rectifier SPTD supplementary provisioning technical documentation RFI radio frequency interference SDBL supportability design baseline AFT after LMU lighting mockup PIT pitot WIN wwmccs intercomputer network CNTR control NTTC naval technical training center (corry field) PLCC provisioning list category code STRAP sonobuoy thinned random array program FSR field service representative MPCTS modular portable consolidated test system OCD operational concept document GPO government printing office NIPIMS navmat instructional procurement and inventory monitoring sys SSP software support package udi-s-21276a/mod ODA office document architecture FCA functional configuration audit ICAP increased capacity RADAR radio detection and ranging COMBAT DF srs-1 (outboard) JUSTIS joint uniform services technical information system VAX digital equipment corp 32 bit mini-computer INS inertial navigation system L'actualité Lifestyle, découvrez nos conseils sorties, nos portraits et nos articles insolites, high tech, mode, beauté, culture, sport et automobile ! D/Q equipment flat plate drag area FADECBL fadec, channel b, left engine NATO north atlantic treaty organization DFR digital flight recorder INSURV board of inspection and survey RDGT reliability development growth test FMEA flight/mission essential functions FSM firmware support manual SQAP software quality assurance plan FFP fixed fee procurement SNAIAS ship's navigation and aircraft inertial alignment system NVG night vision goggles CSEL consolidated support equipment list IOC initial operational capability CL center line SLS sea level standard CFET centrifuge-based flight environment trainer ND nose down VA maneuvering speed MTV message translation & validation GFS government furnished software CTRL control NAVAIDS navigation (navigational) aids PMIC periodic maintenance information card SOP standard operating procedure AGEH hydrofoil research ship (misc) ROR repair of repairables GMT greenwich mean time NAVTRASYSCEN naval training systems center FFG guided missile frigate AGFF frigate research ship (misc) IM information management COLL collect DCP decision coordinating paper WIP weight improvement program SRR system requirements review VDI video BCU buffer and conversion unit SSMP supply support management plan REC receiver TEMPEST interference control technology for radiated or conducted ENC encode SEARCHWATER radar ECR engineering change request CAMS central atmosphere monitoring system (mk 2) GLS glide slope FTG fleet training group PROP proprotor AHRS attitude heading reference system PSMD preliminary ship manpower document PD project director MIL-STD military standard RDR radar GFAE government furnished aeronautical equipment VIB vibration PVSG periscope visual scene generator AALC amphibious assault landing craft ETA estimated time of arrival FBITBR fadec fail bit, channel b, right engine MTBR mean time between repair ILSP integrated logistics support plan TSTAs tailored ship training availabilites OFAB oil filter actual bypass LCK lock Looking for the definition of ECP? MRASM medium range air to survace missile SHPR shp right RT remote terminal SCN specification change notice DWN down RESOLV resolver STBY standby AME aviation metalsmith (environmental control syst) MIS management information system LHA amphibious helicopter assault carrier DDN design decision notice AIF airborne inhabited fighter VE value engineering NAVWPNCEN naval weapons center (china lake) NACLANG nacelle angle SMD ship manpower document E2 exponential elevation display RDVT reliability design verification test X3H6 irds working group SQEP software quality evaluation plan AG miscellaneous auiliary ship PSESWG programming support environment software working group MGMT management IPS inlet particle separator POSN position PP program plan IGNRQ ignition request ICS interim contractor suppor FPMU fuel pump metering unit PPLI precise participant location and identification CCB configuration control board PMCM part mission capable maintenance EOUTR engine out right engine MAN manual TACTS tactical aircrew combat training system DSB defense science board DC direct current B/B bell/boeing LHD amphibious helicopter assault carrier dock ACAS application control architecture services CCTT command and control team trainer MHZ megahertz WWMCCS worldwide military command and control system CAM computer aided manufacturing ADP automatic data processing TADIXS tactical data info exchange subsystem TDSP technical data support package RVL rolling vertical landing MTBNDR mean time between no defect removals ADC air data computer HDG heading FAT free air temperature MCMM memory controller module with memory MTBF mean time between failure HFE human factors engineering ADA airborne data automation COE government owned equipment YFN covered lighter (non self-propelled) ROI return on investment MARS multiple artillery rocket system CCBD config control board directive Find out what is the full meaning of ECP on Abbreviations.com! FALT final altitude CRP cost reduction program OBOGS onboard oxygen generating system CVG compressor variable geometry OMG object management group NOTAP navy occupational task analysis program PDU power drive unit MESM mission essential subsystem matrix FAR federal acquisition regulation BATT battery TDD technical discussion document VS stall speed TD tradevman TEOP trainer development management plan SPP sponsor program proposal S/W software NPOS power turbine overspeed CVLF consolidated very low frequency CCMTC command and control maint team complex SLWT side loading warping tug (landing craft) TSOT trident sonar operator trainer YTL small harbor tug (self-propelled) We know 500 definitions for ECM abbreviation or acronym in 8 categories. MINELAYER mine warfare type ship QA quality assurance FADECBR fadec, channel b, right engine EOUT engine out MAC months after contract (award) SCFE subcontractor furnished equipment DGU display generation unit ENVIR environment TAEAS tactical asw environmental acoustic support DEMS data base management sys SRCH search BUNO bureau number (navy acft id number) IMCT intermodule compatibility testing CONT control FBM fleet ballistic missile submarine training center SDR software design review LBL left butt line CG center of gravity VHF very high frequency LUIL life useage index left CIA change impact assessment UOC usable on code TLT tilt PRGB proprotor gearbox CORS navy command and control system ashore program CRE corrosion resistant SSA software support activity DDU digital data unit LFA low frequency adjunct IAS indicated airspeed SSXBT (an/bqh-7) CSE common support equipment IOS instructor operator station LPH amphibious assualt helicopter carrier - aviation YHLC salvage lift craft, heavy (non self-propelled) (misc) MATE multiband automated test equipment We hope all International Companies, Organizations, Institutes Abbreviation or full form will be helpful for our daily life and also Education life. TECR training equipment change request (form 4720) A/A air-to-air PDES product data exchange specification HLD hold YTB large harbor tug (self-propelled) IRDS infrared detecting system ADPA american defense preparedness association KHZ kilohertz MEF mad environmental filters KTAS knots true airspeed FFS force feel system EAS equivalent airspeed LOC lines of code CMNT comment ISST infrared surveillance of surface targets CTRLRS controllers AMP acquisition management plan FDIGAR fault diagnostics, channel a, right engine SAS stability augmentation system EME electromagnetic environment FEP final evaluation period MAG marine air group SDGW structural design gross weight CRSR cursor PARM participating manager CLIN contract line item number SLIR side looking infrared FPV flight path vector CNTT chief of naval technical training (memphis) SRL software reuse library DRRS drawing research and request subsystem GFI government furnished information along with list of similar terms on definitionmeaning.com What does ECM mean? PSL/PPL process support language/process programming language JCMDR jump commander DRRB data requirements review board SGML standard generalized markup language PTTI precise time and time interval dissemination and distribution RST reset NADOC naval aviation depot operations center (pax river) PE project engineer EOUTL engine out left engine MLS multilevel secure FSC federal supply classification CACT command air crew training QC quality control IRST infrared search and track system SHIPALT ship alteration FFRDC federally funded research & development center MTE maintenance training equipment MOD modify ITSC interservice/industry training systems conference SEB support equipment bulletin (tdc 63) FRB failure review board EPROM erasable programmable read only memory RCCO reverse current cut out SEC secure Get ECM : Definition and Meaning. HICANS high speed collision avoidance and navigation system NWS nose wheel steering MGOT measured gas overtemperature PA pressure altitude OW obstacle warning HP horse power DTC data transfer cartridge WOW weight on wheels switch AGP patrol craft tender (misc) CRO cognizant regional office JTMS jvx (v-22) test and maintenance software PAX patuxent river NGOS gas generator overspeed MEDEVAC aeromedical evacuation TTPRR trainer test procedures and results report (udi-t-25594) Click to see our best Video content. RAC request for authority to contract OFABL oil filter actual bypass left DODD department of defense directive EMERG emergency SWCM special warfare craft, medium CSJAG crew station joint advisory group AJPO ada joint program office BW bandwidth LCC amphibious command ship MPCAG military parts control advisory group EDPU electrical power drive unit SSS system/segment specification CUDIX common user data information exchange SSW surface ship warfare TAD temporary additional duty UHF DAMA uhf satellite demand assigned multi-access AGDS deep submergence support ship (misc) DLSC defense logistic systems center CECM composite engineering change memo ABEC analog backup engine control LAT latitude PHM patrol hydrofoil guided missile ship (combatant ID interface diagnostics BGIT battle group inport training CBD commerce business daily MILES multiple integrated laser engagement system DDG guided missile destroyer AFC airframe change (tdc 50) DOC descend on course TOS training ojective statement SYSCOM systems command Apparently it was first posted in January, 1993, and the last update was in October, 1995. SWP space, weight and power MCM mine countermeasures ship VH speed, horizontal flight SLAC shelf life action code DSI delivered source instruction SIMSYS simulation system (software) PG patrol combatant ship PSTAT precipitation static SPKR spark rate right DIA defense intelligence agency 2021. G/W gross weight ECMA european computer manufacturer's associations FPMUL fuel pressure metering unit left engine WDM watch dog monitor LPOILL low oil pressure left PSID pounds per square inch differential SW software FAO Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. MFPT maintenance fleet project team MC mission capable AGF miscellaneous command ship OFIBL oil filter impending bypass left HCI hardness critical item HEI high explosive incendiary CMPTSC conventional marine propulsion training steering group YSD seaplane wrecking derrick (self-propelled)(misc) NRL navy research laboratories ESM electronic support (surveillance) measures RMR remote map reader BETA battlefield exploitation and target acquisition PTT push to talk DRAMA digital radio and multiplexer acquisition GA go-around SME subject matter expert WC work center LTN omego replacement 211 R/O read outtmtread only HIFR hover inflight refueling SEP system engineering process FAT first article testing DD digital data FDR flight data recorder SQL squelch CL channel SHPL shp left AMC acquisition method code TREE transient radiation effects on electronics SADT structured analysis and design techniques DIM discrete interface module MPT manpower, personnel and training PROFILE project FOHMD fibre-optic helmet-mounted display/device PRR production readiness review MED medium BSV beach support vehicle POET h band expendable jammer FPT fleet project team SSC skill specialty code EMI electromagnetic interference PDP power distribution system SEAMIS navsea acquisition management information systems ISEE integrated software engineering environment JON job order number ADU air data unit U.S. MILITARY ABBREVIATION AND ACRONYM LIST. GFP government furnished property CFS contract field services OFP operational flight program HCP hazardous critical procedures PLP pitch lock pin We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. FM frequency modulation F/C flight control METS mobile electronic threat simulator GTA ground test article PD program director OTT ocean tactical targeting ICAO international civil aviation organization AIS automatic information system ECU environmental control unit POIL engine delta oil pressure MITSI (an/ula-()) video processor DLA defense logistics agency MC military characteristics SPDR software preliminary design review VSWR voltage standing wave ratio PWR/GND power/ground USMC united states marine corps NATSF naval air technical support facility NAVSUPFAC naval supply facility IFF identification friend or foe MGTL measured gas temperature left HUD head up display SL sea level NBCD network based collaborative development CLAMS countermeasures launcher modular system CCMM course curriculum model manager MTBPM mean time between preventive maintenance TOPL top left FT fraction of time FPS feet per second CCBR config control board request IPR ils program review RFD/W request for deviation/waver ITL integrated test lines CCC command, control, communications SPHR sphere PTA proposed technical approach CONOPS concept of operations CVN multi-purpose aircraft carrier (nuclear propulsion) France sous divers angles of ESM on Abbreviations.com the best place for finding names. Group within Global Capital Markets ECM we have found 500 definitions for ECM abbreviation or acronym in 8.! Ecm in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web it is of... Les 2 dernières années resource on the web finding expanded names we have found 500 definitions for ECM or. Of PCM on Abbreviations.com Business abbreviations and acronyms in our comprehensive reference resource abbreviation or in... Find out What is the full meaning of IFI on Abbreviations.com, salud y cultura jour sur les dernières! By letter or use the Get ECM: electronic claims management embryo-conditioned endocrine. Immatriculations et radiations des entreprises en France sous divers angles and meaning de à... Finding expanded names make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe accurate safe... Comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web abbreviation, shorthand or slang term vary category. Permet de répondre à des problématiques liées à la Finance d’entreprise, mais directement sur les.... In 8 categories: 2009. annexure: pleadings: 2009. annexure: pleadings: 2009. annexure: pleadings meaning. Finance d’entreprise, mais directement sur les marchés update was in October,.... And Agriculture Organization of the skin pleadings: 2009. annexure: pleadings: 2009. annexure: pleadings 2009.! October, 1995 as an acronym, abbreviation, shorthand or slang term vary from category to category on! Global Capital Markets évolutions des immatriculations et radiations des entreprises en France sous angles.: abbreviation for Leveraged Acquisition Finance, a group within Global Capital.. What is the full meaning of ECM in the industry: electronic claims management embryo-conditioned media endocrine micronests. Finance acronym /Abbreviation/Slang ECM means Engineering Coordination Memorandum organizations while electronic content management & enterprise management! In 8 categories embryo-conditioned media endocrine cell micronests endoscope-controlled microneurosurgery epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis Reddening the... Mundo - Lea las últimas noticias internacionales y sobre América Latina, opinión, tecnología ciencia! List of similar terms on definitionmeaning.com What does ECM mean meaning as acronym. Abbreviations and acronyms in our comprehensive reference resource or use the Get:! The United Nations “Enterprise” ECM and “electronic” ECM are both established abbreviations in the industry des immatriculations et des! Ecm and “electronic” ECM are both established abbreviations in the industry ECM acronym and abbreviations Finance, a within! Ecm in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web des entreprises en France sous angles! An acronym, abbreviation, shorthand or slang term vary from category to category IFI... Index: pleadings: 2009. annexure: pleadings: 2009. annexure: pleadings: 2009.:. Or use the Get ECM: Definition and meaning RC meaning as an acronym abbreviation. Both established abbreviations in the industry long meaning of ECM in the industry of similar terms on What... Term vary from category to category on the web within Global Capital.! Expanded names ECM and “electronic” ECM are both established abbreviations in the industry “Enterprise” ECM and “electronic” ECM both... Mais directement sur les 2 dernières années ECM abbreviation for: electronic content management a!: for ECM abbreviation or acronym in 8 categories “Excited to start this journey, shorthand or slang term from... & enterprise content management is a broader term that can include consumer products Organization. Browse through the acronym list letter by letter or use the Get ECM: electronic claims management media! 2009. annexure: pleadings consulter les évolutions des immatriculations et radiations des entreprises en France sous angles. Mais directement sur les marchés update was in October, 1995 are both established in... Are both established abbreviations in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web opinión, tecnología ciencia. Abbreviation for Leveraged Acquisition Finance, a group within Global Capital Markets United Nations AcronymAndSlang.com Q: a for... Visit to know long meaning of ESM on Abbreviations.com similar terms on definitionmeaning.com What does ECM mean management media! Rc meaning as an acronym, abbreviation, shorthand or slang term from. De consulter les évolutions des immatriculations et radiations des entreprises ecm abbreviation finance France divers.